Monday, January 13, 2020

100 word challenge - Week 16 by Greta G

Here’s week #16 100 word challenge! Please enjoy and leave a comment too!

New thing
“Good bye Roria!” Owner said. I opened one eye. “It's Rori” I mumbled even though Owner did not seem to notice, then the door slammed. I thought I might as well go see Monica, my BFF. luckily Owner always leaves a window open, so I climbed out the window up the fire escape into Monica’s apartment. Monica was asleep. Slowly I climbed in then I saw it, the furry chocolate brown thing across the room drooling a lot. I froze. “M-Monica w-what’s that?” I said. “Hmm?” Monica mumbled “Turn the Music up? Sure Rori.” She stretched at the speed of a parked vehicle. That doesn’t even move. Slowly she turned the sound up. “WHAT IS THAT” I screamed. “Hmm? Oh that’s Hershey. He’s new.” “But, he’s a D-d-d-dog!” “Dogs are stupid.”. Oh well, at least the music was good.